Reviews for A Moon of My Own

Just received our book and tore into our first reading of it in the first 5 minutes! What a wonderfully innocent and sweet story of a little girl and her love for a dear friend. Whether the moon, a stuffed animal or a favorite blanket, we all relate to the relationship. This book oozes with warmth, coziness and the comfort of being in the presence of friends. Excellent job, Jen and Ashley! We will treasure it.      

-Avi R

I received my book today and I love it. The kids have asked me to read it over and over already. Thank you!    

-Mandy B

A Moon of My Own is a beautifully written and illustrated book. Ever since I read her the book, my 2 1/2 year old daughter never misses an opportunity to point out the moon when she sees it!  -Krista D.

A beautiful adventure… A Moon of My Own takes you around the world, but you also feel like you’re just taking a walk with a friend. The story is filled with thoughts we’ve all had, but never all together in such a sweet way. The illustrations are gorgeous – the black and blues, the silhouettes, the way the words are written on the pages – it all comes together to make a beautiful adventure.  -Dee H.

A Moon of My Own is a great book to take children on an adventure that spurns their creativity and imagination while educating the young audience about actual places they too can visit. It’s evident that the author and illustrator worked closely to capture the essence of childhood innocence and wonder. Best of luck to them both on their future endeavors!

-Kristen C.

Our preschoolers loved the vivd images and around-the-world travel depicted in this book. It is a great book to start discussions about famous destinations and also about the moon and solar system. Even better, it just makes for a great bedtime story. Every child will want to have a moon of their own after reading A Moon of My Own. Gorgeous book!  

-Christy M.

What a wonderful book. The story is sweet and the images are perfect to spark a child’s imagination – though they’re real. So happy to have this book in our daughter’s collection.  

-Elizabeth S.

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A Moon of My Own is beautifully written and illustrated. The girl in the story is never lonely because the moon is her constant companion. Her imagination takes them to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the Great Sphinx in Egypt, and to many beautiful landmarks around the world. Great to share one on one or in the classroom as a research starter for the moon or landmarks! -Krish S. 

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-Jenn and Ashley

Author and Illustrator, Jennifer Rustgi and Ashley White