5 “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” Lessons (pre-k to high school)

Looking for ways to incorporate this year’s Read Across America book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” into your  lessons this March 2nd?

I’ve compiled a list of 5 great lessons for you!  (A description of each lesson and links to them are located under the name of the providing site/blog)

1. Elementary Shenanigans


“After reading Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, the kiddos wrote about their ambitions for the future. They also created a little road map showing the many different paths that they hope to take in life! Such a sweet activity! Both their writing and craftivity will be placed into their time capsule at the end of the week!”. 

Check out the Elementary Shenanigans website.

2. Teaching in Room 6


” Oh the Places You’ll Go! ** Culmination Theme I love the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go. So much so, I used it as the basis for the 5th grade culmination ceremony 2 yrs in a row. Here are a few ideas from the ceremony that I wrote that you can adapt for your own culmination, or even to use at a different time of year (for those of you who aren’t teaching 5th grade)”.

Check out the Teaching in Room 6 website.

3. Suessville


“When I grow up” writing prompt, “How Many?” counting activity, word search, and maze.

Check out the Suesville website.

4. Character.org


“After reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss, students will discuss their character and develop their own goals.  Lesson Objectives:  Students will be able to identify the setting in a story.  Students will be able to identify the changes in setting within a story.  Students will be able to identify important character traits of the main character in the story.  Students will be able to reflect upon their own character and set goals based on individual needs.”

Checkout the Character.org website.

5. The Learning Network


*Note, this lesson does not include a reading of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”, but it can easily be added.

“In this lesson, students read about a number of the 53 recommended travel destinations for 2008 published in the December 9, 2007 Travel section of The New York Times. They then select, at random, another one of the destinations to research for the creation of a class geography game.”- Learning Network website.

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Jennifer Rustgi developed a love of children’s literature during her years teaching reading as an elementary school teacher and became inspired to write her own stories through her experiences with her young daughter. She lives in Austin, Tx. with her family. A Moon of My Own is her second children’s book. Learn about A Moon of My Own and purchase here.