A Moon of My Own Children’s Picture Book

If reality fails to fill us with wonder, it is because we have fallen into the habit of seeing it as ordinary. -Brassaï

Come along on an enchanted adventure around the world with a young girl and her faithful companion, the moon!

A young girl observes that Moon appears to be following her. She travels around the world see the Moon everywhere she goes! The reader gets to follow along on an adventure to famous landmarks and natural wonders, all the while sharing in the girl’s wonder of the Moon and our world.

A Moon of My Own emphasizes the value of observation and teaches about the Moon, while taking readers on an adventure around the world to several very special natural and man-made wonders.

A Moon of My Own has been printed in a gorgeous, durable 9″ x 12″ hardcover format (32 pages).

Reviews for the book

A Moon of My Own is a beautifully written and illustrated book. Ever since I read her the book, my 2 1/2 year old daughter never misses an opportunity to point out the moon when she sees it! -Krista D.

“I received my book today and I love it. The kids have asked me to read it over and over already. Thank you! -Mandy B”

“Just received our book and tore into our first reading of it in the first 5 minutes! What a wonderfully innocent and sweet story of a little girl and her love for a dear friend. Whether the moon, a stuffed animal or a favorite blanket, we all relate to the relationship. This book oozes with warmth, coziness and the comfort of being in the presence of friends. Excellent job, Jen and Ashley! We will treasure it. -Avi R”

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Author and Illustrator, Jennifer Rustgi and Ashley White
Author and Illustrator, Jennifer Rustgi and Ashley White

One thought on “A Moon of My Own Children’s Picture Book

  1. I am so excited about your book!!! And kaseys daughter…..your aunt Rusti was my best friend in school!! Your aunt Dusti was a tag a long….love her too.. But your mother was our baby doll….we played with her like she was china!!!!!! Please put to: Emily, Kelly and Avery inside my book. These are my granddaughters. Can’t wait to read and share your beautiful book!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Cynthia Lilley Wilemon

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